Grand Shores is Gabriel Pelli and Will Ridenour. They are busy refining an unprecedented blend of American folk and West African kora music. Gabe and Will met while playing music for the renowned Paperhand Puppet Intervention theater troupe, where they first got a taste of what a project together could yield. People from all walks of life relate to their cultured songs that spark images of love and remembrance, beauty and resistance, passion and strength. 

Gabriel Pelli brings an indie rock and jazz background to the group from his work and touring with The Old Ceremony and the Squirrel Nut Zippers. He also has a passion for folk and old time fiddle, which is an integral part of this band's sound. Will Ridenour has studied the West African harp-lute kora since 1999, and with this collaboration brings his unique and universal style to fruition. He has toured 28 countries worldwide with punk outfit Zegota and dance band Diali Cissokho & Kaira Ba. 

Together, they create an uplifting sound with profound capabilities.